Buzz Points: New Cardholder Rewards

Posted by Jen Laud on Oct 19, 2016 2:52:18 PM

We heard you - members like rewards and you want more when you use your FFCU card. Starting October 17th, all of our Visa debit and credit cards are now eligible to earn Buzz Points!

Buzz Points is a free rewards program that works everywhere you use your debit or credit card. That means you'll earn points with every swipe.

How does it work?

  • Earn points on every purchase made with your debit or credit card
  • Get more points for shopping at locally owned businesses
  • Redeem for rewards or donate to charities

Why earn more points for shopping locally?

First Financial CU is all about helping to build and support the community - and so is Buzz Points. By shopping at locally owned businesses over big-box retailers, you support your friends and neighbors. You keep up to 58% more profit in your community.

That’s why you earn more points for every dollar you spend at locally owned businesses. More money in the community means more growth, more jobs, and a more robust local economy.




Rewards and Offers

Before you know it, you'll have saved up enough points for rewards. Redeem for gift cards to local or national businesses, travel discounts, cash back, or you can donate to a charity. 

You'll also gain access to exclusive offer from Preferred Local Businesses. Stay in the lop through the web and mobile platforms. Save your favorite offer and get notified when you walk through the door. 


Signing Up is Easy

1. Join Buzz Points through FFCU.

2. Earn points on every purchase, earn more for shopping local.

2. Redeem for rewards or donate to charity.


Sign Up for Buzz Points


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